New Prescriptions

Don’t have a Prescription? Don’t waste your time at your Doctor’s Office. We will contact your doctor on your behalf to send us one. 

Four easy steps to receive the products you need!


Sign up!
Place your order online. While you place your order, you will be asked to create your online account. Please fill out all of the necessary information so that we can contact your healthcare provider.
If you encounter any hiccups while placing an order or crating your online account, please call our customer service line: 1 (866) 345-8447.


We will contact you healthcare provider for you!
A customer care representative will contact your healthcare provider and expedite your order as soon as all of the requirements are met.


We will contact your insurance carrier and process your prescription in the event you want to use your insurance company to cover your medication/s.


Preparation and delivery!
We will make sure to work diligently on your order and get it out to your door in a timely manner.


Desert RX Pharmacy Benefits:
  • No standing in line at the pharmacy
  • Free local delivery
  • Priority refills
  • Access to a Licensed Pharmacist
  • Prescriptions transfers
  • Dispensed in 30 or 90 day shipments
  • Access to a Diabetes Educator and a Certified Nutritionist
  • Your own Personal Patient Advocate to handle all of your orders

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